Ryan Tubridy was joined this morning by Stephen Fry - comedian, actor, author, television presenter, honorary Cambridge Don, and activist. 

Britain’s favourite polymath, he’s famous for his portrayal of Oscar Wilde, the comedy sketch show A Bit Of Fry And Laurie and the classic sit-com Blackadder. He’s been in movies like The Hobbit, Sherlock Holmes, Alice in Wonderland and Gosford Park, amongst others. He has awards for Best Game Show Host’ for his decade spent presenting Q.I., but today he’the author of Heroes - his second book of Greek Myths.

Listen - Stephen Fry talks to The Ryan Tubridy Show:

When asked about the vote on removing blasphemy from the constitution last Friday, he had this to offer:

"I feel very proud to have had a small part to play.... I'm not an Irish citizen, and it's not necessarily my business to tell Irish people how to vote, but I did tweet my support for it."

Stephen also spoke to Ryan about his memorable interview with Gay Byrne on RTÉ's The Meaning of Life, concerning what he would say to God when he would arrive at the gates of heaven. 

"He's a lovely man Gay, he's a national treasure in Ireland," said Stephen. "I had done the Late Late many times. When I heard he was doing this more intimate interview, I was very pleased to do it, and he very sweetly suggested to do it at 1 Merrion Square, which is where Oscar grew up, and we chatted.

Then he just threw in this last question, 'Suppose you're wrong, suppose there is a God, what would you say to him?'  And so, without getting all academic, it's called the argument from evil. So I sort of said "I would be furious with God, what the hell have you been thinking about? If you are the all powerful God, you needn't have created the world in which children get bone cancer. There's no good from such a thing, there's nothing but pain and suffering. It makes no sense, how dare you treat us like that and how dare you make us fall on our knees and praise you everyday." 

"I hadn't meant of course to offend or upset individual people's faith because their faith is much stronger than anything I can say. I think it's an interesting one." 

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