In the last episode of the current series of The Works Presents, John Kelly talks to the Oscar-nominated director of The Breadwinner, animator Nora Twomey.

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Nora Twomey has just returned from Hollywood. Her first feature length animation The Breadwinner took the self confessed dreamer and school drop out all the way to the Oscars. That and her abilities as company director, animation artist, diplomat, salesperson and the two acclaimed Academy-nominated productions that Cartoon Saloon, the Kilkenny-based studio she co directs, has previously produced – The Secret of Kells and Song of the Sea.

In conversation with John Kelly, Nora tells us what attracted her to the story of The Breadwinner, a tale about a young girl growing up in Afghanistan whose father is taken by the Taliban, and in order to protect her family is forced to live disguised as a boy.

Nora talks about the involvement and support of Hollywood heavyweight Angelina Jolie, and how an executive producer on The Breadwinner got the project in front of Angelina, who read the draft script and looked at the concept artwork and came on board: ‘She became a mentor in the whole process.’

The Breadwinner is released in Irish cinemas on 25th May.