Electric Picnic 2017 has officially kicked off, and all eyes are on the RTÉ Concert Orchestra's return to EP tonight after last-year's show-stealing turn. 

In what promises to be a memorable start to the Picnic, 2FM’s DJ MO K and the RTÉ Concert Orchestra will tell The Story of Hip Hop, accompanied by guest vocalists including Jafaris and Jess from BARQ - expect old-school classics and contemporary hip-hop roof-raisers, like you've never quite heard them before. The party continues afterward, as 2FM legend Jenny Greene joins the Concert Orchestra once more to perform a '90s club classic set with vocalist Gemma Sugrue - there will be bangers!

We talked to a pair of the vocalists accompanying the RTÉ Concert Orchestra on the night...

Gemma Sugrue, vocalist in the Jenny Greene set:

How is it returning to EP one year on?

I'm thrilled. Last year's performance at Picnic was such a whirlwind and the reaction took us all by surprise. I'm going to be sure to savour every moment this year and sing my heart out! 

What is the challenge with a project like this?

God, it's all a joy to be honest! Singing with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra means you're getting to sing with 48 of the best musicians in the country, so you’d better be on point! But I couldn't ask for a more positive and fun atmosphere to work in with the amazing Jenny Greene by my side and tons of encouraging smiles throughout the gigs from the conductor and the members of the orchestra. 

What can people expect from the show?

Energy! The Story of Hip-Hop performers alongside Mo K are a dream team, I got to sit in on their rehearsal during the week and loved it! After their set, Jenny and I take to the stage with the orchestra and we're just buzzing about performing our set and after the year we've had it feels amazing to come back to Electric Picnic, where it all started! 

What's your favourite tune to perform?

Ride on Time - such a classic dance vocal to recreate with the power of the orchestra and Jenny underneath, it feels amazing to perform! We'll take that one to church!  

Jafaris, guest vocalist in The Story of Hip Hop:

How are you feeling? 

I'm feeling blessed and happy to be here. 

Is it your first time at Electric Picnic, or just first time with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra?

I've been to EP once before but never with an orchestra. In fact I've never played with an orchestra, it’s gonna be interesting.

What is the challenge with a project like this?

The challenge for me is first of all performing with different artists and building real chemistry with them, in order to provide an amazing show. Also having to memorise lyrics is pretty difficult for me, I barely memorise my own sometimes!

The Story of Hip-Hop posse in full effect

What can people expect from the show?

They can certainly expect to have a lot of fun and to go down hip hop memory lane in a different way. It's also gonna be fun to see everyone genuinely enjoying music together with no thought of differences and social statuses.

What's your favourite tune to perform?

So far, it's Nuthin' but a 'G' Thang by Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre. I think I do Snoop's voice pretty well.