Storyland 2018 is now CLOSED for proposals. 

Should you have any queries relating to Storyland email

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When you submit your drama proposal you will need a writer, a producer and a production company in place. The producer / production company must make the submission.

This years theme for Storyland is RAGE 

The following information needs to be included in your submission:

1. A paragraph on the point and purpose of your drama - Why this? Why now? This is critical for us to understand the intention behind the story for your particular idea and how it will connect with the audience.

2. An outline which gives an insight into the story of your 20 minute drama.

3. Sample Scenes

4. Resumés for producer, writer and a company profile. What we want to see within the company structure is the capacity to produce and administrate your drama. It can be a new company or an established company we'd like to see that the range of skills to produce your drama are there.

5. Storyland cover page. This is available for download above.

Please send all entries to:

Using "Storyland Submission - Programme Title" as the subject of your email.

Please submit documentation as one PDF in the order below.

The closing date for entries is midday on Friday December 15th 2017.

Checklist for submission pdf:

1. Cover Page
2. Paragraph on the point and purpose of your drama
3. Outline
4. Sample Scenes
5. Resumés