Just three days before the Super Bowl, the US judicial system has weighed in and ruled that it will not force a scenario where the schedule of the NFL's upcoming championship game likely would be altered.

US District Judge Susie Morgan ruled out of New Orleans on Thursday that the league will not be forced to enact a rule that could have required a replay of the NFC Championship Game, won by the Los Angeles Rams 26-23 over the New Orleans Saints on 20 January.

The argument of two Saints season-ticket holders was rejected after the duo filed suit against both the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell.

At issue was a late no-call on what appeared to be pass interference by the Rams that, if penalized, likely would have set up a scenario where the Saints could have kicked a game-winning field goal just before running out the clock.

Instead, because of the no-call, there was enough time remaining for the Rams to tie the score after the Saints' successful field-goal attempt and send it into overtime. In the extra period, the Rams advanced to Sunday's Super Bowl against the New England Patriots with a field goal.