Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry appears to be playing in Sunday's AFC Championship Game against the New England Patriots after the team removed him from the injury report following Friday's practice.

Berry, who has a heel injury, was a full participant for the third straight day.

"I feel pretty good," Berry told reporters after Friday's practice.

The five-time Pro Bowl selection missed the preseason and the first 13 regular-season games due to the heel injury.

He played in two regular-season games in December before missing the finale after suffering a recurrence of the problem, and he also missed last weekend's divisional-round victory over the Indianapolis Colts.

"I wanted to go in that game," Berry told reporters of the Colts' game. 

"Just a lot of complications that I can't really explain. Hopefully this weekend it will be different.

"Right now, I just know it's moving in the right direction and I want to get on the field on Sunday."

Chiefs defensive coordinator Bob Sutton is looking forward to seeing Berry on the field.

"He has great speed and range," Sutton told reporters of Berry. "I think he's our most physical football player.

"So when you have those qualities and you have playmaking ability, you have a chance to affect the game.

"The one thing about speed on defense is that it isn't always the plays you make, it's sometimes the plays you prevent. He has that ability in him. The other part of it that he brings is the players respond to him. They appreciate all he's been through and what he's done here and what kind of player he is."

Linebacker Dorian O'Daniel (ankle) was ruled out and was the lone player remaining on the injury report on Friday.

O'Daniel also missed the game against Indianapolis.