Belfast-born pitcher PJ Conlon is to become the first Irishman to appear in Major League Baseball since the Second World War when he lines out for the New York Mets on Monday night. 

Regular pitcher Jacob DeGrom has been sidelined with concerns over an elbow an injury and the 24 year Conlon will make his MLB debut in his place. 

Conlon was born in the Falls Road in Belfast in November 1993 but his family emigrated to California when he was two years old. 

The last Irishman to play in Major League Baseball was Joe Cleary who pitched in one innings for the Washington Senators in a game against the Boston Red Sox on 4 August 1945. 

Cleary was born in Cork 1918 with his family leaving for New York in 1928. 

Conlon's Mets face the Cincinnati Reds in Ohio on Monday night and are coming off the back of a six-game losing streak.