Noelle Murray knows that Shelbourne face a major step-up in quality when they take on ZNK Pomurje in the UEFA Women's Champions League Round One semi-final on Thursday.

The Irish champions are in Slovenia for what is the biggest game of their season, hoping to move a step closer to the Champions League group stages.

Victory over Pomurje would see Shels move on to the Round One final on Sunday where they would face either Valur of Iceland or Armenian side FC Hayasa.

The Shels squad came through their final training session with no injuries, leaving Noel King with a full squad to choose from.

For Murray, it’s exactly where she and Shelbourne want to be, and now that they are there, she’s aware that it’s not just another game.

"It is always a step up in terms of the WNL definitely we know that," Murray told RTÉ Sport.

"We're all aware that as a group, look, we were just looking at it this morning, there's probably four or five of us that have experience and then the rest of the girls are new, it's a brand new experience for them.

"I've been buzzing just to live it with them and enjoy with them as well.

"I remember my first time so, you have to come and enjoy it but we're definitely aware that it's a step up but look that's why you want to win the WNL, that's why you want to do well at home to come up, ye know, and get a draw like this and I suppose test yourself against some of the best in Europe and that's what we'll be doing tomorrow night, you know, you don't even look towards Sunday.

"Tomorrow is obviously big, big priority and as I said we're well aware it's going to be a step up, it's going to be a test, conditions, but we've great belief in ourselves and so we should.

"We want to do ourselves proud first of all as in players, staff, the club and our family and friends back home and all the supporters and look we know it's going to be a test but for me, as an experienced player, that's what you want.

"You want to test yourself against some of the best and I think we'll be doing that tomorrow so look there's an excitement, you have to be excited. There's no, you know, there's no worrying, we'll face it. The lads have prepped us well, we'll do more tonight.

"We'll train tonight, we'll be well aware of their threats, key players and all, so it's an excitement but as I said well aware it's going to be a step up no doubt about it."