UEFA will allow English fans to stand at matches in its men's club competitions during the 2022-23 season.

European football's governing body has launched a programme to observe the use of standing facilities which are already in operation in England, France and Germany.

Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and Tottenham will compete in the Champions League this season, while Arsenal and Manchester United are in the Europa League and West Ham in the European Conference League.

Fans who have standing tickets for Premier League games will now be similarly accommodated at European games. Visiting supporters will also be offered standing tickets.

"While UEFA regulations only permit seated places to be used for its competitions, except for those competitions where Category 1 stadiums may be used, an increasing trend towards the use of standing facilities in some domestic competitions has been observed in recent years," UEFA said in launching the Standing Facilities Observer Programme 2022-23.

"Football supporters across Europe as well as clubs who regularly use standing facilities at domestic level have expressed increasing interest for UEFA to consider standing facilities at European matches.

"The objective is to assess if and under what conditions standing may be reintroduced in UEFA competitions in a safe manner."

The programme will be carried out during the group stage and knockout phases of this season's men's European club competitions, up to and including the semi-finals. The finals are excluded.

UEFA says independent experts will analyse the use of standing facilities at both domestic and international club matches in the three nations.

The experts will assess the different dynamics between national and international supporters and the related safety and security implications.

The end-of-season findings will be submitted to UEFA's Executive Committee, which will decide on any continuation and possible extension of the programme.

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