Vera Pauw has released a statement alleging that she was raped as a young player in the Netherlands.

The Republic of Ireland manager revealed she had suffered abuse and serious sexual assault during her time as a player and coach in Dutch football.

Pauw said that to many she was seen as a brash and loud football coach, a tough woman who has risen to the top in a man's world, adding that nothing could be further from the truth.

Pauw detailed how she has tried to have her case heard by the football authorities in the Netherlands but has not received a satisfactory response. She has now decided to report her allegations to Dutch police.

Her statement finishes by thanking her Irish backroom staff and players and the FAI's management and board for their support.

The Football Association of Ireland also released a statement which said it has given its full support to Pauw at this difficult time in her life as she makes very brave revelations about her past.

The statement added that the manager had engaged on the matter with association senior leaders for some time and that it had offered her all the backing she may need on a personal and professional level.

The association said it would make no further comment and asked that Pauw's privacy be respected.