Ange Postecoglou has told Celtic fans to strap themselves into the "scariest rollercoaster they have ever been on" as they prepare for the title run-in.

Celtic travel to Dingwall to face Ross County on Sunday firmly in the driving seat in the cinch Premiership race but Postecoglou knows there will be highs and lows over the coming five matches.

When asked how Celtic fans should deal with the tension and excitement, the Hoops boss said: "Just like you are beginning a ride on the scariest rollercoaster you have ever been on - just hope that it all ends well but enjoy the ride and the ups and downs.

"It's part of the nature of embracing the concept that we want to play our football this way.

"I don't think it's unhealthy for people to feel anxious or nervous. That's why we love it.

"I'm sure if you could guarantee we would win the next five games and we'd be champions, everyone would be happy. But, you know what? I reckon they would be a bit bored as well and probably lose interest after a while.

"The excitement of sport and football and supporting a team is that it is a little bit of the unknown and we are on the edge.

"That's why when you get the success you deserve you enjoy it a lot more, because you know you have had to be white-knuckled for a fair way through it. You will remember it, the highs and the lows."

The Bhoys lost 2-1 to their bitter rivals

Postecoglou has stressed that their approach has not altered in the wake of their Scottish Cup semi-final defeat by Rangers, having analysed the game and moved on quickly.

"If your whole focus is on wins and losses you are kind of at the mercy of something that is sometimes out of your control," he said.

"You can lose games of football and still, with your endeavour and intent, be doing the right thing. And you can win games of football and walk away knowing you haven't really performed at the level.

"For me it's always been about creating a team and having a group of people who are seeking something beyond the wins and the losses.

"Particularly at this football club, we just want to be a team that plays the game a certain way.

"It's not easily attainable, and maybe it's never attainable the way I want us to play, because I will always seek improvement.

"But when you have that as your goal, a loss shouldn't derail your efforts and commitment to your cause. If you let a loss derail you then you are going to let a win derail you as well because success and failure have equal demons within them.

"Sometimes success means you get complacent and you start thinking about yourself rather than the team, you start thinking you are more important than the sum of the parts.

"We want to be a team that our supporters are proud of and play the game in a certain way, and with that obviously be successful.

"With that being our end goal, whatever hits you take along the way, like last week, that's just an opportunity for us to get back on our feet and go again."