Minister for Sport Jack Chambers has said the possibility of the Irish government financially supporting the redevelopment of Casement Park for its possible use at Euro 2028 has not yet arisen, with the Antrim venue a key factor in the bid for the tournament.

The UK and Ireland are considered the likely host for the tournament and there is a desire to ensure the Irish element has a cross-border reach.

Speaking on Today with Clare Byrne on RTE Radio 1, Minister Chambers said that Windsor Park is the alternative should it not be feasible.

Croke Park is set to be one of the stadia put forward in the bid, but whether Casement Park can be developed in time remains to be seen.

Minister Chambers said: "There's been positive early discussion between the GAA and the FAI for Euro 2028. They are continuing. We have a bid process now for the next 12 months and Croke Park will play an important role as part of Euro 2028.

"At the moment with the lack of executive in the north it has been challenging. We've been engaging with the British government as part of the bid process.

"There hasn't been a decision yet on whether it will be Casement Park or Windsor Park. I think it's possible for a north-south perspective that we would have an all-island perspective to having Euro 2028 in Ireland if we're successful.

"Our officials are involved on what stadia (will be used) and what would be required."

Asked if it support from the Irish government would be a condition, he said: "That hasn't arisen at this point."

The government is currently putting together a new policy on bidding for tournaments with a view to expanding their reach to sporting bodies.

Ireland pulled out of bidding for the America Cup with Chambers saying that both economic benefits and facilities available led to the decision.

He has pointed to New Zealand’s work on such a policy as something to potentially model.

"In the programme for government we said we'd establish a major events policy. This is the start of that. We decided not to bid for the America Cup after the economic analysis and our capacity to deliver the event in the timeframe set out by the organisers.

"We've had major events in the past but up to now it has been ad hoc and partnering with organisations. I want to put it on a policy footing and have a framework so we can explore and exploit what additional opportunities there are to bring major events to Ireland and have the pinnacle of the sporting system arrive into the country and the opportunities it will bring.

"It will also give that framework to organisations or individuals who want to partner with Ireland in bidding for a major event and putting a structure around that. It's important we consult with the public and sporting organisations on what they want to see the emphasis on.

"We'll have the consultation until the end of May and have a major events policy by the end of the year. For me it's about bringing a great number of events to Ireland, opening Ireland to the sporting system but also the participation benefits it will bring as well.

"New Zealand has developed a major events hosting framework. They are very clear on the emphasis of benefits they want to see. We want to consult and develop."

Ulster GAA president Ciaran McLaughlin has said that the redevelopment of Casement Park is a priority during his term in the provincial chair, but the project has met with considerable delays.