In a career that is creeping up on 50 years, George Hamilton's memoir 'The Nation Holds Its Breath' chronicles not only his time behind the mic but also his childhood in east Belfast.

From starting out as fledging broadcaster in BBC Radio Ulster, Hamilton would eventually move south to work for RTÉ Sport as part of the commentary team for the 1978 World Cup in Argentina.

A few years later he was on the move again to the famed surroundings of BBC Radio 2 in London, working with stellar names like Peter Jones, Bryon Butler, Christopher Martin-Jenkins and Mike Ingham.

Thenm in the mid-1980sm came the call to return to Ireland. RTÉ was to embark on live coverage of English First Division games, with Hamilton chosen as the main commentator. Countless Ireland soccer internationals, World Cups and Olympics Games have followed since.

On Saturday Sport, the now 71-year-old in part reflected on other broadcasters he admired and why 'Danger Here', and not the title of his memoir, is the phrase that people most associate him with.

Hamilton also recalled the tragedy of Hillsborough in 1989 and why it would be no harm to bring back the popular quiz show 'Know Your Sport', which he fronted along with the late Jimmy Magee.