RTÉ analysts Didi Hamann and Richie Sadlier discussed the need for concussion protocols in football after France defender Benjamin Pavard continued playing having received two knocks to the head during his team's 1-0 win over Germany on Tuesday evening.

During the second half, in the course of heading clear a cross from Joshua Kimmich, Pavard's head collided with the thigh of leaping German wide player Robin Gosens.

Shaken by the collision, Pavard's head then collided hard with the ground.

He was attended to by medics for a few minutes afterwards, leading to a prolonged stoppage. Seven minutes of injury-time was played at the end of the game.

To the surprise of many, Pavard was allowed play on.

"I'm not even sure the team medic should have the say in whether the player carries on," said Hamann. "I'm sure they all want the best for their players.

"But if the player says 'listen, hang on a minute, I'm OK', I'm not sure whether he (the medic) has the authority to tell him 'no, I think you're not right'.

"We (Germany) had a player in the 2014 World Cup final, (Christoph) Kramer. After five minutes, he got a knock to his head.

"We were picking up for corners and he stood at the halfway line - this was 10 or 15 minutes later - and they (the management) said 'What are you doing?' He didn't even know where he was.

"So he carried on for 10 minutes before he came off in a World Cup final against Argentina.

"We have to act. It's not enough. He (Pavard) shouldn't have been allowed to carry on a minute and a half after these two heavy hits on the head."

For Sadlier, there is a need to establish protocols of the type which exist in rugby.

"We need protocols," he said.

"So, you remove it from the strength of personality of a medic, or the determination of a player, or the importance of a game. You remove all the situational stuff that you might throw on as a factor to say 'we need this player on'.

"Just, no. There's a protocol. You've just had a couple of wallops to your head. Stay off the pitch, be assessed. And then come back on if you can.

"In football, as we saw at the weekend, we're great at talking about player welfare, we're not so great at acting on it."

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