The Japan Football Association (JFA) has cancelled a friendly against Jamaica scheduled for later this week after 10 of the visiting players were unable to board a flight due to coronavirus testing issues.

The test certificates of eight of the 10 players coming from Europe were refused at the airport, JFA President Kohzo Tashima told reporters, adding that the association was still gathering detailed information.

The cancellation comes less than two months before the Olympic Games take place in Tokyo, which is under a state of emergency because of the pandemic.

Jamaica had been due to play Japan's national team on Thursday and face an Under-24 side on 12 June.

While some Jamaica players are already in Japan, those who failed to board their flight will take Covid-19 tests again, the JFA's Tashima said.

He added that the movements of Japanese and Jamaican players would be limited to within biosecure "bubbles".

There was better news for Olympic organisers however as the Australian softball squad arrived in Tokyo for a pre-Olympic camp on Tuesday.

The Australian softball squad will attend a 47-day camp in the central Japanese city of Ota, some 80km (50 miles) northwest of Tokyo.

All members of the delegation have been vaccinated and are scheduled to be tested for the novel coronavirus every day during their stay, said an official of Ota, an industrial city with a population of about 220,000.

Kyodo news agency said all had tested negative for the virus upon arrival in Tokyo.