The Football Association of Ireland is planning to take the next step in implementing governance recommendations at an extraordinary general meeting which will be held later this month.

The association will look to make wholesale changes to their constitution, which will include the appointment of members to two electoral committees and extend the terms of office of the interim board.

The Governance Review Group released a wide-ranging list of 78 recommendations to be made at the FAI back in June 2019, following months of turmoil within the organisation.

A statement from the association read: "The Football Association of Ireland has today notified AGM members of an online Extraordinary General Meeting at noon on Sunday, March 28, at which significant changes to the Association's Constitution and Regulations will be presented for approval by Members.

"This event marks another milestone in the Association’s governance reform journey that has been ongoing since 2019.

"Members will be asked at the virtual EGM to approve changes to the Constitution of the FAI, approve regulations and appoint members to the Electoral Committee and the Electoral Appeals Committee and to extend the Term of Office of the Interim Board.

"A series of information sessions will be held for AGM members ahead of the EGM."