A documentary exploring the rise and fall of former FAI CEO John Delaney will air on RTÉ One on Monday night. 

The John Delaney Story charts Delaney's career that ended in huge controversy in September 2019 and features players, football fans, former Ireland manager Brian Kerr, FAI insiders and journalists who all share their unique insights into the man who led the FAI for 15 years. 

In an exclusive interview for Irish television, the documentary also features Stewart Regan, the former CEO of the Scottish Football Association, as he tells how he was treated during a Scotland v Ireland international.

Regan outlines how he believes that the FAI came very close to becoming the first football association in the world to become insolvent. 

The John Delaney Story airs on RTÉ One, Monday, 9 November, at 9.35pm