Burnley manager Sean Dyche insists there is no panic with his side bottom of the Premier League table at this stage of the season but accepts a first win would be psychologically important.

The Clarets have picked up one point from their six matches so far, keeping just one clean sheet and scoring only three goals.

It may be a poor start but Dyche, who has managed Burnley in the top flight in six of the last seven seasons, is not overly concerned just yet.

"I never thought panic solves anything," he said ahead of a trip to Brighton, themselves just four points ahead.

"Would I like to be up the league, quite obviously, but there are only two things that can happen: you either go sideways and stay where you are or you go upwards.

"I say 'there's the table, there's the facts'. I've never been one to overthink it at this stage of the season because that has never proved anything at this stage.

"The main focus for me is you want to get that first win, psychologically it is good for the group.

"Ideally you want to get that through performance but you'll take it however it comes. But you have to work to get that.

"The focus is on us to perform. I would take an ugly win or a lucky one but the ideal way is to earn the right to win games and if you do that it is a better base to continue on from.

"You get your first win and the story changes somewhat."

Burnley have had plenty of experience of struggles in the top flight and Dyche has no doubts about the mentality of his players, many of whom have been through the trials and tribulations with him.

"I don't personally worry too much about the outside view," he added.

"We have a group who has experienced this and know what is required and it is about delivering it rather than waiting for it to happen.

"There is an open-mindedness from me within the group and I trust them to deliver.

"You can't have six out of seven seasons in the Premier League and not know how that worked with a group who has been here for a while."