The Independent Chairperson of the Board of the Football Association of Ireland, Roy Barrett, has written to all members of the FAI's National Council outlining UEFA and FIFA’s joint support for governance reform and their backing of the conditions laid out by the Irish Government for continued state funding.

In his letter ahead of Friday’s Special Council meeting at the Red Cow Hotel in Dublin, the Independent Chairperson has updated council members on the defining decisions facing the FAI in the coming weeks.

He has also outlined the view of the Government, Sport Ireland, Bank of Ireland and UEFA that the FAI must commit to a number of governance reforms required by these stakeholders and the board.

Expanding on the changes proposed by the board of the FAI, Barrett has assured council members that the AGM is the supreme and legislative body of the FAI and will have ultimate control.

He has also forwarded a joint letter of support from UEFA and FIFA, along with a timeline approved by FIFA and UEFA for the implementation of the governance reform process.

Part of that letter from the two football governing bodies said that the association "has all the relevant information to take a decision on the next step(s) of the FAI's governance reforms". 

The FAI will be making no further comment ahead of Wednesday’s media briefing at Abbotstown.