Liverpool have topped the Premier League table for fees paid to players' agents for the third successive year, the Football Association has revealed.

The runaway league leaders on the pitch this season have slashed payments by almost a third, according to the FA's latest figures - which cover the 2019 summer and 2020 winter transfer windows.

Liverpool spent £30.3 million on intermediaries compared with nearly £44 million the previous year, but that is still the most of any top flight club.

Under FIFA rules, the FA has been publishing the total payments made by clubs in England's top five divisions to agents for the last three years, as well as a list of every transfer which involved an agent.

Despite Liverpool's reduction and the Premier League's efforts to bring down the amount clubs spend on middlemen, the combined figures show an increase from £261 million to £263.3 million for the top flight.

The top four, as in the two previous years, comprises Liverpool, Manchester City (£29 million), Manchester United (£27.6 million) and Chelsea (£26.2 million).

Everton (£16.9 million) are the fifth biggest spenders on agents' fees, according to the FA's figures, with Arsenal (£13.6 million), West Ham (£13.2 million) and Tottenham (£12.5 million) making up the top eight.

Burnley (£3.9 million) spent the least of any top flight club, with Sheffield United (£4.3 million) and Norwich (£4.9 million) making up the bottom three.