Former Waterford FC manager Alan Reynolds revealed that a lack of communication between him and the club's owner was the main driving force behind his decision to leave the club.

Reynolds has been in charge of the Blues since 2017, first winning promotion to the Premier Division before leading them to a top four finish in the top flight.

All players and management are currently temporarily laid off from employment at the RSC due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and Reynolds admitted that he has had almost nothing in the way of communication with those in charge of the club.

Speaking to 2fm’s Game On, Reynolds said: "I hadn’t been in contact with anyone in the club up until about last week when someone got in touch about how was I. That’s nearly four months.

"Nobody contacted me and you’re hearing rumours that the club doesn’t want to go back and all the rumours you’re hearing are either from players or the PFAI who are passing on information.

"That’s hard for a manager because you’re looking to pass it on to players, so that’s where it got to. There was really no dialogue at all."

Reynolds admitted that it the decision to walk away from the club was a very tough one but that family considerations had come to the fore of late as had uncertainty about the commitment of the club’s owner Lee Power.

"I’m disappointed having to step away from the club, I’m from Waterford and it’s the club I grew up supporting," he said. "You put a lot of effort in, like all the other managers and it’s just come to a stage where I think it’s best we part ways.

"I think it was well documented a month or two ago about the lay-off and how it was handled by text and then by email, so I was obviously disillusioned.

"But even if I go back to the start of the season, the owner wasn’t sure if he was he was committing and I became disillusioned with that but eventually got a squad together.

"With the coronavirus coming in, we were thinking about what was the best thing to do and there wasn’t too much communication with the owner which again was well documented.

"I’m four months now without being paid and I have a family so there was a few things to weigh up and I’m not sure about the appetite the owner has for football. It’s hard going for him, he’s one man trying to run a club so I just felt it’s time for me to look elsewhere.

"It’s hard because you put so much in, you recruit the players and you feel like you let the players down."

Reynolds has been linked with two backroom positions in recent weeks, the Republic of Ireland Under-21s and Dundalk. However while he admits that talks are on-going, he is adamant that nothing has been agreed.

"There's a lot of positives talks going on at the minute but there’s nothing concrete, there’s nothing confirmed. It’ll just take time."