The chairman of St. Patrick's Athletic Football Club, Garrett Kelleher, has said that he is deeply concerned with the performance of current FAI executives Gary Owens and Niall Quinn.

In an explosive letter, seen by RTÉ news, the property developer accuses the interim CEO and interim Deputy CEO of failing badly and says that, while he cannot speak for any other club, both Owens and Quinn have lost the confidence of St Patrick’s Athletic.

Kelleher has written to board members of the FAI outlining his deep concerns over the performances of current interim CEO and deputy CEO.

Kelleher says that minutes of recent FAI meetings clearly demonstrate a series of continual misleading representations by both Owens and Quinn to the League of Ireland clubs when they spoke of the high probability of delivering income from UEFA, FIFA, live streaming of games, Government and other third party finance to help restart the League.

The FAI has been trying to assist the clubs in returning to play following the Covid-19 pandemic that has seen football shut down since March.

Kelleher says that he is of the firm view that albeit their intentions may have been well meaning and they may have spent a considerable amount of time and effort over the last six months that Owens and Quinn have failed and failed badly.

Football is too important, he says, and the domestic game is at a critical juncture where any more wrong or naive moves by the executives could do even longer-lasting damage.

He goes on to ask members of the current board to consider stepping in to the breach to work with the clubs to figure out a way to get football recommenced.

The FAI responded to Kelleher's letter on Monday evening, stating: "Board of the Football Association of Ireland notes the correspondence received from Garrett Kelleher this evening. 

"The FAI has engaged in intensive and ongoing consultations with relevant stakeholders, including all SSE Airtricity League clubs, with regard to the resumption of the League. 

"The Board is fully supportive of the efforts being made by the Executive team in this regard and we will continue to support these endeavours."

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