Players may be required to sign consent forms in order to play amateur soccer matches when matches resume following the coronavirus pandemic.

Clubs have been told that their players will be held solely responsible should they contract Covid-19 when matches resume, with adults likely to be required to sign consent forms on behalf of schoolboy/schoolgirl players. 

Should a player contract the virus, they will not be able to sue their club, league or the FAI.

A team's designated physio will be allowed to tend to injured players as long as they are wearing appropriate PPE. 

Administrators from all four provincial associations (the Leinster FA, the Connacht FA, the Munster FA and the Ulster FA) had a meeting on Tuesday, with FAI CEO Gary Owens also present. 

In the past week, the provincial associations have invited clubs to share any concerns or queries they have surrounding a possible return to play from 20 July onwards.

In an email circulated to amateur clubs in Leinster, Leinster Football Association General Secretary Peter Doyle said:  "One query raised by several clubs and leagues is who is responsible if a player picks up Covid- 19 on the pitch and the simple answer is each player is playing by free choice and is responsible for his own well being. 

"In other words, a player who feels he picked up the virus while playing cannot sue his club, league, affiliate or the FAI. It is highly likely that players (adult) and parents (underage) will need to sign a consent form before returning to play

"Other query raised was who tends to a player who gets injured on the pitch. Once again the answer is common sense, whoever is physio on the day should treat the player as normal but should wear the relevant PPE while doing so (mask, gloves, etc)

"The FAI have sent several queries to the Government and HSE regarding these matters and are expecting a reply by early next week at latest and I will continue to update you as this information comes through."

On Monday, the FAI's Steering Group highlighted submitted three key issues to Government officials around return-to-play protocols.

"The Football Association of Ireland’s Steering Group has highlighted three key areas around return to play protocols for the amateur adult and underage game, which have been submitted to Government officials," they said in a statement.

"The FAI now awaits a response from Government as it seeks guidance on the following issues:

  •  A clear policy to manage all risks for volunteers around a return to play and to ensure a safe environment for all participants
  • Clarity on the effects of social distancing on contact sport as per the phases outlined in the Government’s Roadmap
  • Guidance on the infrastructural costs for amateur adult and underage clubs around safe return to play protocols"

Soccer at all levels has been suspended in Ireland since 12 March.