Sporting events in the Netherlands will have to take place without fans in attendance until there is a vaccine for coronavirus, Health Minister Hugo de Jonge said.

The global pandemic has infected over 41,000 people in the Netherlands and caused 5,288 deaths.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte said on Wednesday organised sport could resume from 1 September, but de Jonge said mass gatherings would not be allowed until a vaccine had been developed.

"We cannot yet mention a date for the last step, the mass gatherings. That is actually only possible if there is a vaccine and no one knows how long it will take," de Jonge wrote in a letter to the Dutch parliament.

"We hope of course soon, but a year or more is very real."

The top-flight Dutch soccer league was brought to an end last month after the government extended a ban on public events, with no league title awarded and relegation and promotion scrapped.

In Ireland the Government have introduced a five-phase roadmap for how Irish society and the economy will slowly reopen.

The GAA have ruled out playing inter-county games before October, while League of Ireland clubs are divided on the prospect of playing matches behind closed doors.

On Wednesday, the FAI's Interim Deputy CEO Niall Quinn suggested that games could all be played at one venue, as he conceded there is much concern and anxiety around with no definitive restart point currently in view. 

"If we moved the games, for instance, into one stadium as opposed to all the stadiums, could we have a professional medical outlet that could come in and do a job that would satisfy our players and satisfy everyone who had to be in the stadium?" he said on RTÉ 2fm's Game On.