Shamrock Rovers and Sligo Rovers appear to be at odds over the feasibility of playing League of Ireland games behind closed doors.

A document entitled "Return to Football" | Behind Closed Doors" was issued on Tuesday by the FAI following consultation with all clubs and the Professional Footballers Association of Ireland, outlining the steps needed to see the resumption of football at the earliest possible date once declared safe by the HSE and the Department of Health.

Financial projections will be delivered by the FAI later in the week, while the Government are set to issue their latest update on overall restrictions in society on Friday.

Both clubs see significant issues standing in the way of a return to the normal match-day experience. Shamrock Rovers predict that it could be 18 months before that happens, while Sligo Rovers believe that the proposal for behind-closed-doors football may prove impractical.

Shamrock Rovers appear to welcome the concept and said in a statement that they "look forward to developing the 'behind closed doors' opportunity with Niall Quinn, Gary Owens and all staff members involved at the FAI".

In relation to playing games behind closed doors, Sligo Rovers chairman, Tommy Higgins said that "there is a 40-page list of to-dos and not to do. The resources required would be prohibitive. From our point of view it is not practical for us".

Shamrock Rovers believe that while some European leagues have opted to cease as they approach the end of their respective campaigns, the situation in the League of Ireland, which is only five games in, puts Irish football in a "different situation and need the return to football in 2020 to continue with our domestic season in addition to being prepared to play in the 2020/2021 UEFA competitions when they commence later this year".

"First of all we have to get credit to the FAI for trying to get everything up and running. They are doing their very best for all of us under very difficult circumstances," said the Sligo chairman, speaking on Ocean FM.

"I think our club would be against it. It is just not feasible. They have to do this exercise for UEFA to see what is happening all over Europe. It's not just an Irish problem, it's a European and worldwide problem. The cost factor is prohibitive and I don’t know who would be able to afford it.

"We’d have to have social distancing and whether we have the facilities to input that for players, I don’t think it’s on. But I have to give support for trying it and checking if it is feasible."

The Sligo Rovers management committee have appraised the possibility of streaming games if they do return with limited to no spectators, however, the club chairman believes it will come nowhere close to meeting revenue needs.

"There would be an initial support for that. I’m not so sure that we would get enough streams on that to finance the entire operation. When we weigh it up, it’s probably not looking a viable operation.

"My view from the start was that the 19 June was very ambitious and... if it is not June, we look to September, but it is still early days yet so we will see what happens.

"That puts up another obstacle again. We would have to go back to winter football. In the circumstances that would be fine. We’re just itching to get it back up and running again.

"It is horrible that we are in this situation but hopefully we can get back to football. We’re okay. I’m concerned more about the players right now.

"They are training alone and it’s very difficult when in isolation. I think every club in Europe is in the same position so we have to keep on with it.

"As we said last month, when all of this started, our target to reach the other side of this, is that we are in a position to have a strong club ready to function fully again."

Shamrock Rovers head coach Stephen Bradley said: "I welcome the work done by the clubs, PFAI and the FAI in putting together a comprehensive set of guidelines from the resumption of training to matchdays that will allow our league recommence whenever it is safe to do so.

"Football is not just a game, this is the occupation of our squad and like everyone else, we are keen to return to work and we will be ready to participate fully with all health and safety guidelines and instructions."