Dundalk goalkeeper Gary Rogers says he is keeping a keen eye on developments in Germany as the League of Ireland awaits definitive notice on when the season might resume here following the hiatus caused by the global coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking on RTÉ2fm Game On, the PFAI chairperson referenced the situation in Germany where the Bundesliga could resume behind closed doors in the near future, subject to government approval.

"It's frustrating for everybody no matter what sport you're involved in," he said on how players are coping.

"These are very strange times and even for myself not to be able to go into training or into the dressing room... the atmosphere in the dressing room is always a great place to be and that's going to change regardless of when we come back to train and play.

"All eyes are really on Germany and what they're looking at doing and even our own governing body here and the HSE, we're all waiting to see what's going to come out.

"It's changing week to week and day to day so we're just hopeful that there will be some sort of football in the near future."

Despite uncertainty, Rogers and his fellow players are still keeping the slated 19 June return date for domestic soccer in mind at present.

"The end date at the minute is June because we haven't been told otherwise, so as a professional footballer that's what we're preparing," he said.

"We're preparing that football will take place on the 19th of June. That's what we have to gear ourselves towards.

"We're training away, although it's not the usual methods that you become accustomed to. We're training via Zoom and doing our own runs and stuff like that and uploading them via different apps.

"We're still kept busy in terms of our training but we are looking at June at the minute until we're told otherwise. But the one thing thing that we're pretty sure is that European football will take place and that looks like it will be in August or September time."

He added that while games behind closed doors are not "ideal" given the reliance on gate receipts, that could well prove to be a necessary step in the right direction.

"It certainly has to be looked at before you can rule it out," Rogers said.

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