FIFA is planning on offering "assistance" to world football after the coronavirus pandemic plunged clubs and leagues into an unprecedented financial slump, the global governing body confirmed on Tuesday..

The organisation, which says it has $1.5billion in reserve, said that it is "thinking over ways of assisting the global football community".

The form this assistance will take is "currently being studied and discussed in collaboration with FIFA members, federations and other partners", FIFA said.

FIFA had previously announced that it had created a working group aiding continental governing bodies with the impact of the COVID-19 crisis, which has left football seasons in limbo and led to the postponement of Euro 2020.

The League of Ireland has been suspended until the 19 June.  

FIFA also alluded to a support fund, the details of which could be announced before the weekend, sources told news agency AFP.

A spokesperson for FIFA has also told the news agency Reuters that they are aware of "serious financial problems on account of the coronavirus outbreak."

They added: "This threatens to disrupt and impair the ability of FIFA's member associations and other football organisations such as leagues and clubs to develop, finance and run football activities at all levels of the game, including professional, non-professional, youth and grassroots.

"It is foreseen that in many parts of the world a considerable number of persons involved in football including both men and women players will be left in extremely difficult economic conditions."

The spokesperson added that while a number of issues about how to distribute resources and implement on the plan remain to be resolved, they aim to have a scheme "agreed and announced in the near future."