Gary Lineker believes that the decision makers within the Premier League will do whatever it takes to finish this year's campaign.

The Match of the Day host is convinced that finishing the 2019-20 season will take precedence over the following campaign, which may be delayed to facilitate the situation that has been brought about by the coronavirus.

"Everyone has their theories as to what might happen, but I suspect they'll do everything in their power to finish the season in some way, shape or form," said Lineker, speaking on 2fm's Game On.

"If that means delaying the start of next season, so be it.

"There are all sorts of hurdles to overcome, I wish I had an answer but at the minute it is so cloudy, so who knows."

Former Barcelona, Tottenham and Everton striker, Lineker, puts it down to two main reasons why he feels that the season will eventually be played out to a conclusion - fairness and legality.

"A couple of reasons why they will want to finish it this season are, fairness to those that have already participated and who will qualify for the competitions the following season.

"And also the legality of it, and whether they would come under any kind of pressure legally if they suddenly just abandoned the season.

"It's a bit of a minefield and it largely depends when the virus lessens massively and the curve flattens massively, and until that happens, no one can even contemplate getting teams together."

Lineker is first to admit that he misses sport and understands that people want to see the return to normality as soon as possible, most notably Liverpool fans who have been waiting three decades to see their side lift the Premier League trophy.

But he also understands that the Covid-19 threat has called a halt to the world's sporting calendar and accepts that there is nothing in his power to bring about the resumption.

"The truth is, while football is generally important to people's lives, we are dealing with life or death, which is far more important and football has to take a back seat.

"Nobody needs to feel guilty about admitting that it is important to them. And if you are a Liverpool fan, you would be genuinely concerned at this point - they have not won it in 30 years.

"We have been left with no choice. Sport has stopped across the planet.

"Sitting at home on a Sunday is boring, but we are not going out to fight a war, we're not being asked to leave our homes, we've been asked to stay at home, and it is a small price to pay."

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