Harry Kane believes the current Premier League season should be scrapped if it cannot be completed by the end of June.

The Tottenham and England captain insists Premier League bosses "will do everything they can" to complete the campaign, with all action suspended until at least 30 April due to the coronavirus.

But the 26-year-old striker revealed his personal opinion is that the season should not be allowed drift on into the summer months.

"I know the Premier League will do everything they can to finish the season, and that they are looking at every option possible," said Kane in an Instagram Live conversation with Jamie Redknapp.

"I think, for me, we do need to try to finish the season. But there needs to be a point where enough's enough.

"Playing into July or August and pushing next season back, I don't see too much benefit in that. But obviously I don't know too much about behind the scenes and financially.

"Probably the limit for me is the end of June. If the season's not completed by the end of June we need to look at the options and just look forward to next season."

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Premier League bosses are battling to find a way to complete the season, with matches potentially being staged behind closed doors.

Kane revealed his worries about the repercussions should the campaign push into the summer amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

"The further this season is pushed on, it would have such a big knock-on effect for next season, with the Euros in 2021, and even the World Cup 2022. But that's just my opinion," he added.

"Football is secondary at the moment. I know there still have to be plans in place and I'm sure everyone is trying to do that.

"All that's out of my hands, though. There's nothing I can do personally, so from my point of view we've just got to wait and see what happens.

"Hopefully this clears up as soon as possible and we can try to get back to normal."

The interview was a nervous watch for Spurs fans, with the talismanic striker confirming that the club's future fortunes would dictate any decision to remain or move elsewhere. 

"It's one of those things, I couldn't say yes, I couldn't say no. I love Spurs, I'll always love Spurs. But it's one of those things - I've always said if I don't feel we're progressing as a team or going in the right direction, then I'm not someone to just stay there for the sake of it," he told Redknapp.

"I'm an ambitious player, I want to improve, I want to get better, I want to become one of the top, top players.

"It all depends on what happens as a team and how we progress as a team. So it's not a definite I'm going to stay there forever - but it's not a no either."