Liam Brady has called on the young "players" of Ireland to stand up and be counted in a battle to beat the coronavirus.

The former Ireland and Arsenal midfielder, who also spent several years in the Italian top flight, used the perfect footballing metaphor to explain to the young people of Ireland their responsibility in the national fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Brady wants the young "players" to help the older generation by cutting out socialising during the difficult period throughout the country.

In the guise of working as an RTE pundit, Brady speaks metaphorically to regular host Darragh Moloney and tells him what he expects from the younger players.

"Darragh, what this Irish team needs is for our young players to stand up and be counted," says Brady, from the isolation of his own living room,  via social media.

"No more prancing around, socialising, they need to help the older players. We need them to up their game.

"One, commitment to follow orders. Two, character to get stuck in and fight for the team and three, spirit to beat this nasty, disgusting opponent."

Brady signs off by quoting the "Create, don't contaminate" hashtag that is also being used to keep urging people to practice social distancing.