Sligo Rovers defender Johnny Dunleavy has said the All-Island League proposal should not be shelved ahead of a summit to try to get more people involved into the idea later this month.

Kerry businessman Kieran Lucid is driving the plan for a merger of the League of Ireland and Irish League and has organised a three-day event from 28-30 January in Belfast, Dundalk and Dublin that will involve as many facets of the game as possible.

That includes club, players, fans and media in a bid to rescue the idea after the Irish Football Association said previously that they had no interest in the new league.

Dunleavy, speaking at a media event to announce finance company Avantcard as the new primary sponsor of Sligo, said it should not be dismissed so quickly.

"I've looked at it for sure. It’s a radical proposal certainly but radical can be viable if there is support behind it.

"Some people believe there are seven or eight clubs in the current league that could bring big crowds and be a strong club in the league.

"But I remember going to Finn Park as a youngster and there were huge crowds every week and there are other places like that.

"People will go to games, the matchday experience is crucial. Sligo have won awards for that type of thing and facilities are key obviously because that allows you to provide that experience.

"When we play the first game of the season against Harps, you can guarantee there’ll be a big crowd from Harps and a massive crowd up from Sligo so we’ll be looking at 3,000 to 4,000 spectators. That will be a hell of an occasion in Ballybofey.

"The situation overall in Irish football is obviously very tricky because we are in a time of theoretically keeping the FAI alive, but every challenge is an opportunity and that should be the vision here.

"This is undoubtedly a seismic moment for the game. This is the time to change our future in a positive way. It needs a bit of belief, some support and investment overall.

"A television deal is going to be telling too. Someone needs to believe in it and Kieran Lucid’s proposal should not be dismissed."