Fans want professional referees in Sky Bet Leagues One and Two and for VAR to be available to help them.

Nearly 28,000 people completed the English Football League's supporters' survey for 2019 with almost two thirds eager to see goal-line technology and VAR introduced in the third and fourth tiers.

Nearly 60% of fans also want professional referees for those divisions.

Supporters were also asked about atmosphere and safety with 84 percent of fans having witnessed abusive behaviour in the stands, although 86 percent believe their club provides a welcoming and inclusive matchday experience.

The 2018/19 season also saw the highest attendances across the EFL for 60 years.

EFL communications director, Mark Rowan, said: "The EFL regularly engages with supporters on various important topics but this is the first time in almost a decade that we have carried out such a detailed and comprehensive survey.

"It is important that we listen to supporters and provide opportunities for feedback, alongside delivering our clubs with a robust piece of research that will help them improve their own matchday experience across a range of areas that EFL fans directly interact with.

"The results tell us that supporters are engaged, tech-savvy and maintain strong emotional connections to their club and community.

"What's also clear is that supporters from all sections of society generally feel safe, welcome and included while watching football in the EFL with so many of our EFL clubs providing a positive, inclusive environment for football fans.

"These results demonstrate that collectively clubs are working incredibly hard to ensure the matchday experience is a welcoming experience for all."