The Football Association of Ireland are hoping to follow through on recommendations made by the Governance Review Group, by electing a President and Vice-President at this year's AGM.

A wide-ranging report by the review group recommended that the president and vice president roles be filled by an AGM vote, rather than at a special council meeting, which had been the previous system.

As a result the FAI have now written to AGM members inviting nominations for the two roles, which will be vacated on 27 July. 

The president and vice-president will serve on an Interim Board for 12 months.

The rule changes needed to implement the recommendation regarding the election of the president and vice-President will be voted on at an EGM on 20 July.

Should members not vote in favour of the proposed rule changes on the 20 July or the subsequent constitution changes on the 27 July, then elections for these positions will be held in accordance with the current rules of the association, which provide that these elections be held at a special council meeting. 

Last week told their members that the organisation's annual accounts for 2018 will not be available at their AGM.