Luis Suarez's furious will to win manifested itself in memorable fashion during Uruguay's 1-0 victory over Chile in the Copa America clash in Rio de Janeiro last night. 

Edison Cavani scored the only goal - a skillfully directed header - in the final ten minutes as Uruguay stole the Group C top spot from under Chile's nose, teeing up a quarter-final meeting with Peru on Saturday.   

Notwithstanding Cavani's deft flick, the citizens of the internet currently only have eyes for Suarez and his antics. 

All told, the events of Monday evening cemented the Barcelona attacker's status as possibly the most incorrigibly argumentative presence in world football. 

The general mirth centres around two incidents, one in either half. 

In the first, Suarez raced onto a through ball, Chile keeper Gabriel Arias scampered out, forcing the Uruguayan to run the ball wide. 

The angle now impossibly tight, Suarez attempted to dink a little cross into the six yard box but Arias got back to block-palm it out for a corner.  

The former Liverpool player immediately gestured frantically towards his right arm, apparently appealing for a spot kick. 

Certainly there appears to be nothing wrong with Suarez's eyesight. Replays indicate that Arias unquestionably handled the ball. Rather, it's his interpretation of the rules where he does seem to be on less certain terrain. 

For buried in the fine print of the rules of association football is a stipulation which allows goalkeepers to handle the ball in extraordinary - and indeed ordinary - circumstances. 

It has been asserted by some that Suarez was appealing for a corner rather than a penalty. It can't be conclusively claimed that he wasn't, though one might reasonably observe that Suarez does appear to be gesturing towards his hand in a very pointed manner. And his appeals for a corner - if that is what he was doing - were a touch on the strenuous side given the obviousness of the call and the swiftness with which it was awarded. 

There's less argument about the second viral incident. 

Midway through the second half, a pitch invader draped in a Uruguayan flag booted it across the field, leaving a pair of heavy-breathing stewards trailing in his wake. 

This scenario can understandably be an irritant for players and veteran Chilean defender Gonzalo Jara was certainly irritated.  

He executed a fairly brutal 'reducer' on the fan, hacking him to the ground. (Denis Wise did something more or less identical at Stamford Bridge some years ago). The grateful stewards pounced on the felled invader and wrestled him off the pitch. 

Now, annoying pitch invading fans are usually regarded as fair game for this type of treatment but Suarez took a different view. 

He did not welcome seeing his countryman being cut down in this manner and proceeded to hotfoot it over to the referee at a speed that might make Usain Bolt gasp, demanding that the official take action. 

Jara's mood won't have improved by the final whistle as Uruguay held on to win and condemned the Chileans to a meeting with the in-form Colombia in Sao Paulo on Friday. 

And that big ball of aggro known as Luis Suarez will likely take the field for Uruguay against the Peruvians a day later.