Sligo Rovers have said they have been left deflated by the lack of corporate governance within the Football Association of Ireland and believe the League of Ireland is "seriously underfunded".

In a mid-season statement issued on their website to supporters, Sligo said that, while they have made good progress this year, "significant issues" at the FAI are among some concerns.

The statement reads: "The parent body of football in Ireland (the FAI) clearly has very significant issues.

"As a club that is run almost exclusively by volunteers, all of whom give a huge level of commitment on an on-going basis, it is deflating to say the least to read about the corporate governance or the lack of in the parent organisation.

"At the same time, the League of Ireland has been seriously underfunded.

"As a positive, it looks as if there are going to be significant structural changes in the league and in its funding.

"We also have to remember there are many very dedicated people working within the FAI who must find the current situation very uncomfortable, we work with many good people there on a daily basis."

The club also revealed their Public Liability Insurance has jumped from €15,000 to €60,000 in two seasons.

This year it was negotiated down from €86,000 and with risk containment steps.

They say this cost is "simply not sustainable" for the club to pay each year.

They conclude: "The 2019 mid-season report for Sligo Rovers is one of considerable encouragement and challenges.

"What the report will look like in two years’ time is anybody’s guess, however getting this club to the top table has never been tougher but it is what we all strive for."

The update is available here.