Republic of Ireland manager Mick McCarthy admitted he'd 'love to have turned everybody on with some sexy football' but he is very happy with the win over Gibraltar and the ten points they earned from the last four games.

His side defeated Gibraltar 2-0 at the Aviva Stadium but they made hard work of the victory.

"It feels great I’m going on my holidays with ten points," McCarthy told RTÉ Sport.

"I guess that was the total I had in my mind when we started, win those three games, a draw in Denmark and I’m happy.

"What is really disappointing is that I had a bunch of lads coming in and it felt like we lost, the dressing room is all quiet, we got the points we wanted to get, we had something like 40 crosses, we have had 30 shots we’ve had more corners, we’ve just not put them in the net."

At stages during the match McCarthy was visibly frustrated with his players especially when they were caught offside.

"I am annoyed, I play annoyed, I manage annoyed, if it’s not going right of course I am, like the players as well.

"We made some great runs but we were caught offside, ultimately we won the game that’s what I wanted, I’d love to have turned everybody on with some sexy football tonight but it’s a two nil win ten points."

With games against Denmark and Switzerland to come, Ireland have tough tests ahead but McCarthy isn't worried about the lack of creativity in his side.

"I’ll be scouring the planet to see if we can get more invention and creativity for everybody, that would be lovely but the lads I've got have worked really hard so I’ve no criticism of them they have been brilliant.

"Isn’t it interesting how we have played better against the tough tests, we played really well against Georgia, beat them had a really good performance the other night got a  great point.

"I’m not worried about this we will play better against them, I’m not coming here to be miserable if you want me to be that unlucky, we’ve won ten points see ya and they are all in my pocket by the way I’m not giving any of them back."