The board of the FAI have announced that they have received nominations for the positions of honorary secretary and honorary treasurer ahead of their AGM in July.

Honorary secretary Michael Cody and honorary treasurer Eddie Murray both voluntarily resigned from their positions last month, amid the crisis within the organisation.

Former Waterford United delegate Paul Cooke is the only name that has been put forward for the treasurer’s role and speaking to the Irish Independent, he called for a ‘cleansing’ at the FAI.

"We want change, we need change, we need to cleanse things at the FAI," Cooke said.

"There are a number of reports being conducted into the FAI, we have to let those reports do their work but what’s gone on cannot be buried.

"This is a genuine chance to change things at the association, the way it has been run but that opportunity has to be taken, it can’t be wasted."

Gerry McAnaney and Tony Dignam have both been nominated to the general secretary role.

Dignam is a former financial controller with the FAI, while McAnaney is a retired army commandant.

Subject to the current governance review, elections for these positions will be held at a Special Council Meeting following the AGM on July 27.