The Northern Irish Football Association (IFA) have condemned a video of fans singing ‘we hate Catholics’ after a recent international match.

A 20-second video of the sectarian incident appeared on social media in the wake of Northern Ireland’s 2-1 Euro 2020 qualifier win over Belarus at Windsor Park.

The clip shows fans in Northern Ireland jerseys in a pub, believed to be in Belfast on Sunday after the game, singing "We hate Catholics, everyone hates Roman Catholics" to the tune of Tiffany’s eighties hit 'I Think We’re Alone Now'.

"The Irish FA condemns sectarianism of any kind," said the IFA.

"The chanting in the video was wrong and if those involved can be identified, the association will work to ensure that they are prevented from getting tickets for Northern Ireland matches."

Northern Ireland have long had players from Catholic and nationalist backgrounds, including their current manager Michael O'Neill, and in recent years larger numbers from those backgrounds have started following Northern Ireland.

Windsor Park was long seen as an unwelcoming venue for Catholics and this latest incident is unlikely to do much for cross-community relations.