It's a tackle that has completely split Irish soccer fans and one which was passionately debated on Soccer Republic on Monday night. 

Darragh Leahy's attempt to win the ball, and Conor McCarthy's subsequent tumble in the box, led to a penalty that immediately sparked arguments up and down the country.

In a Soccer Republic Twitter poll, which had the guts of 1,800 votes, 51% said they believed it was not a penalty. Not quite a 50-50 split but mighty close.

McCarthy admitted he feared he had suffered a serious injury such was the strength of clash - "I'm not going to lie, I thought it myself [that I was badly injured]. My initial reaction was "oh no, here we go" - while Bohs boss Keith Long said, "for me, he wins the ball and there's contact with the attacker but the first action is to win the ball".

Declan O'Brien believed referee Rob Rogers got it right: "The height of Leahy's foot, and the action towards McCarthy, it's reckless, it's excessive force, the studs are showing and it has to be a penalty. It's a penalty all day every day for me."

Alan Cawley strongly disagreed.

"Leahy is in control of the situation, he's not lunging at the ball. He gets there before McCarthy, McCarthy's foot is up as high. 

"At no point is Darragh Leahy trying to go in there with any intent."

Watch the full debate here.