The FAI has promised to make their 10-year ticket scheme more attractive after admitting for the first time that their Vantage Club prices were too expensive.

The cost of the premium seats ranged from €12,000 to €32,000 when they went on sale 10 years ago.

"I think the pricing was certainly too high on the bigger 10-year tickets," FAI CEO John Delaney told reporters ahead of tomorrow’s AGM in Cork.

"It’s a different market – they will be significantly different to 10 years ago. Other sporting bodies are looking at their 10-year tickets – whether it’s 10 years or less."

The prices were subsequently lowered in 2014 and the association remains in debt of just under €40m but last month Delaney told RTÉ Sport that he was confident the outstanding €30m debt on the Aviva can be paid off by 2020.

Details of their financial plan to eradicate the stadium debt should be announced tomorrow, however, the exact figure of how much the entire venture cost the association is not expected to be revealed until 2020.

He said: "A final review paper on the debt, demonstrating how we can be clear by 2020, will be presented to the board and, having considered it, they will say yes."

Delaney previously told RTÉ Sport: "We’ve announced our accounts for 2017; turnover was €49m, our second biggest in a year we didn’t qualify for the World Cup," he said.

"I think the big news for us is the Aviva Stadium, which cost €410m and at one stage we had a debt of maybe €70m on, the debt is now below €30m today, next year it will be €20m or below and by 2020 we have the ability to be debt free."

Ireland’s next game is away to Wales in the UEFA Nations League on 6 September, followed by a friendly in Poland five days later.

Two home Nations League games follow against Denmark on 13 October and Wales on 16 October.