Eamon Dunphy first forced his way into the public consciousness as a pundit during Italia '90 as one of the lone dissenting voices who wasn't happy with the football that Jack Charlton was serving up, famously throwing his pen in disgust after a 0-0 draw with Egypt.

Never one to be soft on the England international team, Dunphy famously decried their passion and willingness to 'kill their grannies' at the 2014 World Cup. No grannies were harmed during that match.

Having famously once called Cristiano Ronaldo a 'cod', Dunphy wasn't frightened to go back and change his assessment of the Portugal star.

As well as being a pundit, Dunphy was also a noted author, famously ghost-writing Roy Keane's biography and he was staunch in his defence of the Manchester United midfielder at the time.

What's sometimes forgotten among all the headlines is just how much Dunphy loves the game of football. Here he waxes lyrical about one of it's greats in Diego Maradona.

New kid on the block or not, Dunphy wasn't shy about letting Kenny Cunningham know exactly what he thought about his comments on the England team in 2014.

Ever the entertainer, Eamon Dunphy was always one for a sing-song, as he proves here on Saturday Live in 1987 when he presented the show and closed it with his rendition of ‘On Raglan Road’.