FAI director of competitions Fran Gavin has revealed he has been given "commitments" from Bray Wanderers officials that they will pay their players, but failure to meet them will involve sanctions being imposed on the club from as soon as Monday.

Gavin, speaking exclusively on RTÉ Radio 1’s Saturday Sport, said he had a long meeting with those in charge at the Carlisle Grounds last night that produced a development. 

He stated: "We met with the club last night to address the situation, as we have been meeting on several occasions so far.

"We got commitments from the club and we have given them a deadline of 5pm on Monday to meet those commitments. 

"That is transferring the money into the bank accounts of the players.

"If it doesn't happen, the FAI will begin a process of imposing sanctions on the club. The club are fully aware of it. We had a long meeting with them yesterday to try to resolve the situation.

"Our focus is on resolving the situation, getting the players paid, moving on and concentrating on football."

Gavin refused to give details of what punishment would be imposed on the club if the wages are not paid on Monday.

"I wouldn't like to say what the sanctions would be at this stage because it has to go through a process."

Gavin reiterated his defence of club licencing which has been repeatedly questioned throughout this saga.

Bray suffered financial concerns last season, although all money was eventually paid. Gavin stressed that internal issues among those that run the club has led to the plight this year.

"It is our priority and always has been our priority that anything on a player's contract would be honoured by their clubs. The club are the ones that sign the contracts. The FAI don't employ the players.

"Licencing is independent, made up of experts of many different fields, and they work with the 20 clubs around their applications over an extended period of time towards the end of the previous season.

"I think people need to remember that Bray Wanderers at that point in time had paid all their commitments to players last season and had a tax cert at the time. Licencing makes sure players are paid. It has worked to stabilise the league and clubs themselves."

Pressed on whether licencing is separate from the FAI, Gavin said: "The licencing process is independent, audited by UEFA every year.

"It's appointed within the FAI itself.  It is audited by UEFA and the members of the committee are completely independent of the FAI."