Former FIFA President Sepp Blatter has said that a joint UK and Ireland bid would deserve to host the World Cup in 2030. 

Speaking to Sky Sports News, the former FIFA President said that England and the UK were overdue the World Cup having last held it in 1966. 

He insisted that with the tournament expanded to 48 teams, it needed more than one country hosting the event. 

"I think England or Ireland deserve to organise the World Cup. They (England) have had it in '66 so it is a long time ago.

"I spoke with one of your colleagues from Associated Press and he said if Wales and Scotland joined together and I said, why not Ireland'."

The reporter inquired whether Blatter meant Northern Ireland or the entirety of the island and the ex-FIFA President clarified that he was proposing the entire island of Ireland as co-hosts. 

"All of Ireland together! They will be a candidate I'm sure (for 2030). And I think with 48 teams, you need more than one country, definitely."