Eamon Dunphy believes Jose Mourinho must make a decision on Paul Pogba because the £90million man doesn’t fit into the Manchester United team in his opinion.

United suffered another defeat on Sunday away to Newcastle United as Manchester City extended their lead to 16 points over their rivals.

Dunphy told RTÉ Sport: "It's a very unsettled team at the moment. I don't think Mourinho knows what his best team is with the attacking side, trying to fit everyone in. I don't think he has decided where to play Pogba and how to get out of the Pogba dilemma.

"He cost £90million and is really struggling and doesn't really deserve a place in the team except on the transfer fee. I'm not being disrespectful to him. Until Mourinho solves the Pogba problem, United are going to be struggling. The more I think about it, Alex Ferguson let Pogba go because he wouldn't pay the wages Pogba wanted.

"If Ferguson let him go, there must have been a reason and maybe it's a vindication of Ferguson's view that this guy doesn't have it. I don't think he has it. Graeme Souness, who I have huge regard and respect for, has been saying it for a while. He said he hasn't got the mentality and football intelligence to be a midfield player so where do you play him?"

Dunphy feels Mourinho must stick with Alexis Sanchez after his January move from Arsenal and sacrifice Pogba, despite the poor start from his latest addition.

"He has got to play Sanchez who is a seriously good player and the position that suits Sanchez best I think is left of a front three and that is the only conceivable position I could see Pogba playing in. Is Mourinho heading towards a situation where he won't play him?

"You have to allow a player who has moved house, probably living in a hotel, some time. It takes a month to six weeks to get your bearings at a new club and he is also walking into a team that is a mess. Don't worry about Sanchez, he'll perform over a period of time.

"We have to remember they are bang there to qualify for Europe, yet the defence is a mess. The Jones-Smalling partnership is really poor. They are in a funny place and they are way short of the quality they need.

"There will be a terrible hunt for players next year because Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich also need them.

"PSG can spend as much as they want. So where does it leave Manchester United when Manchester City are ahead of them? I don't think it's going to get better any time soon."