Confusion reigned at Anfield last Saturday night as VAR decisions dominated the narrative of Liverpool's 3-2 defeat to West Brom in the FA Cup, but Eamon Dunphy believes the game needs the technology to attack the scourge of cheating.

A rollercoaster game had several Video Assistant Referee referrals, which left fans in the stands scratching their heads and disrupted the game for minutes at a time.

Craig Dawson had a header disallowed, Liverpool were awarded a penalty which Roberto Firmino missed and Dawson scored a third on the stroke of half-time, which did stand. All three incidents went through the VAR.

It split opinion among supporters, but Dunphy is a fan.

"I'm totally for it without reservation," he told RTÉ 2fm's Game On.

"When you start anything new like this there are bound to be teething problems, and the referee himself and his officials might not know the protocol precisely.

"The one I would say is that a not of the problems of the three or four-minute (wait) would be alleviated if the fans in the stadium could see what was going on and what the issues were. That is a flaw, but that's easily fixed.

"The guy (Jake Livermore) who fouled (Mo Salah for the penalty) was cheating. We've got to stop cheating; it's a cancer in the game. 

"This is why this technology is so important. There are things assistants and referees cannot see that are happening. 

"What's destroying the game is bad decision making because of either cheating, gamesmanship, the game is too quick or the referees aren't good enough.

"There will be diehards... that don't want it, they say it will slow the game down. We need it. If you get the right result that's the most important thing and it won't slow the game down once people learn how to use it more efficiently.

"Friday night was the first go at Anfield. There are lessons to be learned from the problems we've had introducing it but it's essential that the right result and justice happens on the football pitch."