The beans were mostly certainly spilled on Tuesday night.

After Saturday night’s scoreless first leg in Copenhagen, Denmark’s Thomas Delaney likened playing the Republic of Ireland to "opening a can of baked beans with your bare hands". In Dublin they had the answer.

"Maybe we brought the can opener!" he said. "It was easy for us. They had to go forward and we wanted to play in between the lines and we did today, that was probably the biggest difference.

"We were able to find space, especially Christian Eriksen and Pione Sisto were in that room and we know that they are top players.

"I think that Copenhagen, Ireland was happy about 0-0, they didn’t want to go forward. To be honest, the pitch was not in our favour. Of course the Irish team probably thought it was sh*t as well, which it was.

Thomas Delaney (L) and Christian Eriksen tore Ireland to shreds

"For us it was difficult, we made mistakes. We knew, we expected to come here on a better pitch."

As well as praising the Lansdowne Road playing surface, Delaney also paid tribute to the Irish fans, who created a spine-tingling atmosphere for most of the first half. They even kept up their singing as their side trailed late-on and many supporters headed for the exits early.

"You could also say that the crowd made it difficult for us to communicate in there. And the goal they scored is lack of communication, maybe not even lack of communication but you can’t even talk so a situation that shouldn’t be dangerous, it became dangerous.

"That’s a bit of concern but really you go back to zero-zero, in Copenhagen, it was a better result for us than for Ireland after the game."

Denmark Goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel, a Premier League winner with Leicester City, also had words of praise for the Boys in Green in the stands.

He said: "I’ve got to say how impressed I am with the Irish fans. After the fourth goal they stand up and sing 'The Fields of Athenry' and it gives you goosebumps.

"I remember seeing in Poland in 2012 when Ireland played Spain, we were all sat watching the game and I think there was about 12 minutes where it was just the Irish fans singing. For the tournament it's a shame that the Irish fans aren't there because they're truly unique as well."