Eamon Dunphy has denied writing off Lionel Messi prior to his El Clasico heroics on Sunday night in a tempestuous exchange with fellow 2fm Game On pundit Alan Cawley.

On tonight's show, former League of Ireland player Cawley suggested Dunphy had "made a boo boo" by suggesting Messi was "finished" after Barcelona's defeat to Juventus in the Champions League last week.

However, RTÉ soccer analyst Dunphy strongly protested that his comments had been misinterpreted.

"You got it all wrong," he told Cawley. "The first thing I said was that Barcelona as a team were gone and we won't see that team again.

"The next thing I said, and we all agreed, was that Messi was still, even if he lost 10/15/20 per cent, a great player and I also said that I hoped he would come the Premier League and possibly Manchester City, it would be a fantastic thing.

"What we said was that the Barcelona team that we have all loved for the last seven or eight years was no more. What we said about Messi was that he was diminished from what he had been as a great player.

"The other thing I said was Real Madrid, it wasn't just Barcelona who were struggling, it was Real Madrid and they are struggling and anyone who watched last night will see that."

Thankfully, the pair were best of friends again by the end of the show,

Listen to the full exchange below