Liverpool are at the centre of an investigation for allegedly tapping up a Stoke City schoolboy player and offering to pay his school fees, before reneging on the agreement.

The unnamed boy had been at Stoke, who were paying his fees at a private school.

Liverpool are alleged to have tapped up the youngster by agreeing to also pay his school fees before discovering that they would have to pay the school fees of all other schoolboys on their books if they did so.

According to a report in the Telegraph, upon learning this, Liverpool reneged on the agreement to bring him to Merseyside, leaving the boy's parents to pick up the bill for the school fees and the youngster without a club.

To further compound the matter, the schoolboy is now ineligible to join another football team unless Stoke are paid compensation of £49,000.

The Premier League declined to comment on the matter and refused to confirm whether they are also investigating Manchester City for allegedly poaching a Liverpool schoolboy player.