Barcelona fans literally made the earth move at the Nou Camp when Sergi Roberto's dramatic late goal saw them claim a remarkable win over Paris St Germain on Wednesday.

Roberto scored five minutes into stoppage time to complete a 6-1 win on the night as Barca, who trailed 4-0 after the first leg, progressed to the quarter-finals of the Champions League with one of football's greatest-ever comebacks.

The roar and celebrations from Barcelona's fans was recorded on the Richter scale - a measurement used to record earthquakes - at the Jaume Almera Institute of Earth Sciences (ICTJA-CSIC), which is 500 metres away from the stadium.

Barcelona's second and third goals nudged the centre's recordings slightly before the match-winning goal measured one on the Richter scale - making it a microearthquake.

The tremors were unlikely to be felt by people on the ground but are registered on seismographs.
Researcher Jordi Diaz told "As the end of the game approached, everything changed. With the sixth goal, there is the greatest earthquake of its type recorded at ICTJA-CSIC."