Former Republic of Ireland international Ray Houghton and RTÉ soccer correspondent Tony O'Donoghue join Adrian Eames on RTÉ Radio One's Sunday Sport today to discuss the outcome of the UEFA Euro 2016 play-off draw.

O'Donoghue felt Ireland did well to avoid fancied side Ukraine in the draw and feels, bar getting allotted Hungary, Ireland did well to draw the Bosnians, saying: “Hungary would have been the ideal draw, but we wanted to avoid Ukraine, and we’ve done that.

"Every team in the draw finished third, so you’d have to question the campaigns they had.

"Bosnia finished finished behind Belgium and Wales, they lost at home to Cyprus, so maybe they’re not seen as world beaters, but they have one player in particular in Edin Dzeko, that is a world beater.”

Houghton also believes Ireland have it all to do and feels the Bosnians have strong form heading into the tie.

"They're coming in on the back of strong form. They had to beat Cyprus away, which they did, 3-2. Prior to that they had to beat Wales, when Wales probably needed a draw to qualify, in the end Wales lost but it was still enough to take them through," said Houghton.

"But Bosnia have been scoring goals freely recently. Dezko has not been in the side, he was left out in the last game. It's going to be a tough match, obviously with the players they have suspended - John O'Shea and Jonathan Walters. So their key members of the team are out of the first leg.

"There's going to be a lot of anxiety around as both nations are desperate to get to the finals next year."